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Monday, September 22, 2008

What to do after installing ubuntu 8.04/8.10

Today I did a fresh installation of Ubuntu 8.04 so I thought I must write what I have done after installing ubuntu:

  1. First setup the internet connection.This is how I did:

  2. Left click on the icon in the top right (identify by hovering the mouse if it says "Manual Network Configuration" you have hit the bull's eye) click again on "Manual Configuration" then unlock it and put all the specification needed for your network.If your network needs a proxy then go to System-->Preferences-->Network Proxy,enter your password and there click the Manual Proxy Configuration,enter the required fields(there you will see a small button named "Details" click on it and enter the username and password for your proxy).

  3. Settings of Synaptic Package Manager:

  4. Go to System-->administration-->Synaptic Package Manager.Go to settings-->prefernces-->network(in the top panel) enter HTTP proxy ,ftp proxy and authentication.
    Now update your system:
    Go to System-->Administration-->Update Manager
    click check
    Enter your password
    Then click Apply
    (You have to wait for a long time depending on your internet speed . Go grab a coffee or chat with you girlfriend using pidgin or phone or just call her to show your new linux machine).

  5. Apps:

  6. I love vlc and amarok,ssh and putty ,ssh and putty are needed for remote desktop viewing.(More about ssh and putty later).I also like liferea feed reader for linux.
    To install all of these I used the terminal and the command used is
    sudo apt-get install vlc amarok ssh putty liferea

  7. My Windows Drives:

  8. I have dual boot ubuntu with windows so I want to acess my windows drives from linux,to do this simply install ntfs-config
    sudo apt-get install ntfs-config
    Then go to Applications-->System Tools->ntfs configuration tool click on it and check the drives you want to mount to.Once you clicked OK you will be asked if you want to have write access to these drives(check if you want) then again click OK.

  9. More Apps:

  10. If you need more app jus use synaptic package manager it has everything stored for you.

Now My ubuntu box is ready.....
(If you have more queries just post it here.)
Let me give you a simple command to install important stuffs:
sudo apt-get install build-essential vlc amarok ssh geany linuxdcpp sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin sun-java6-fonts ntfs-config

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