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Monday, December 29, 2008

Ubuntu 9.04 testing A golden chance for ubuntu lovers

Hi guys this post is for all the lovers of "geeky adventures".
Ubuntu 9.04 or Jaunty Jackalope scheduled to release its alpha version 3 on Jan 15th 2009 ( you can see the whole release schedule here.
Here is your chance to help the Ubuntu community who has been giving a wonderful Linux OS(This is debatable but I think many of you will agree with me).
Read down if you have the GUTS for adventures and can take risk , like to live your life on the edge.
For helping the ubuntu community keep in mind:
1.You need not to be a programmer or a computer science student.
2.You need not to be a highly experienced ubuntu user.
3.But you must know how ubuntu development works.You can know it from Ubuntu development Page
4.You must have a launchpad account. If you dont have one register here
5.You must be well aware of thr release schedule of the ubuntu,get it here.
IMPORTANT NOTE:The testing OS will be highly broken and should not be trusted to keep important data.
I have downloaded the Ubuntu 9.04 iso cd for x86 from here.My system configuration is 512 MB RAM, P4 2.8 GHz, 80 GB HD.
I will install the OS today and will come back tomorrow to share my experiences.
(As I am also a novice in the OS development I really dont know the exact method to report bugs but since I am planning to learn I will soon come up with a good tutorial on how to do so)

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