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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Visual Studio -- Amazing!

There is only word amongst the following that any dev use for Visual Studio:
1. WOW!
2. Amazing!
3. Easy!
and many many more...
And for an open source enthusiast like me JEALOUS.
Yea really!

I spend 2 yrs of life completely dependant on Ubuntu , developing, experimenting and enjoying freedom.
Recently my internship forced me to use WinXP and Visual Studio as a developing environment. I was amazed by the ease and speed with which I could develop on Visual Studio.
MAN, Its really awesome!

There are a hell lot of tutorials available on "how to begin working on Visual Studio". I got 8,150,000 results.

See here for an introduction.
If you are a Win user then have fun!!!
and if u are like me i.e. another open source guy, lets go back to vim/anjuta/geany/(any other app which u like) and hope that one day we also get an amazing platform like Visual Studio.

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